Laundry soap stain bar

$4.00 USD


Product Description

This laundry soap is similar to the kind your grandmother or great grandmother would have used for laundry.

There are several uses for laundry soap. Either shred it and add to your laundry or use it as an ingredient in one of the popular homemade laundry detergent recipes. However, its most popular use among my farmer's market customers is as a stain stick. Just wet the stain and rub the bar into it before adding to the washer. A little goes a long way! (Of course, it's always recommended that you test in a hidden area first.)

This is a versatile and economical product--taking up very little space with no excess packaging, unlike many commercial laundry products.

This laundry soap is fragrance and color free and weighs approximately 4.5 oz.

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