Lemon Poppyseed Scrub bar soap

$6.00 USD


Product Description

Nice to keep next to the kitchen sink, this soap, scented with litsea and rosemary essential oils, is just the thing after a messy job. Finely ground oatmeal, cornmeal, and poppyseeds give the bar a lightly scrubby--but not harsh--texture.

Every ingredient has been chosen to create the finest, most luxurious soap possible. Each bar contains tallow, a traditional soap ingredient, treasured for the firmness and creamy texture it gives to handmade soap. Olive oil brings luxurious conditioning as does avocado oil, while coconut oil provides unparalleled cleansing and abundant bubbles! Raw silk and creamy egg yolk add the finishing touches to a great bar of soap.

Since all my soaps are hand-poured and cut, no two are identical, however, each bar weighs between 4-4.5 oz and is similar to the bar pictured. All bars are labeled and shrink-wrapped for protection.

Because well cured soap is milder and lasts longer, every bar of cold process soap in my shop has been cured a minimum of four weeks. For longest life, rest each bar on a soap mat or dish that will allow it to drain between uses.

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